Friday, May 10, 2013

#Coronavirus: three suspects in the North France

After a doctor and a patient, a nurse who has been in contact with a 65 year old man infected with a new virus causing severe respiratory problems, also has symptoms raising fears of contamination, said Friday the agency of the regional Health Nord-Pas-de-Calais (ARS).

"We have a third suspect this morning, with a nurse in Douai," announced Dr. Sandrine Segovia Kueny, Deputy Director General of the LRA, on France Bleu Nord.

The patient, who is the first confirmed case in France of acute respiratory infection linked to the new coronavirus, SARS close, had stayed at the hospital Douai (North) April 29 to the night of Wednesday to Thursday, when he was transferred at the University Hospital of Lille.
Thursday evening, the LRA issued a press release announcing that two people have been in contact with this man, who had spent a week in Dubai from April 9 to 17, had symptoms requiring tests.
"Currently we're investigating on three case contacts," said Ms. Segovia Kueny "are not confirmed cases so far." "We have isolated, number, people who had been contact with the patient, both health professionals and patients, and we have an incubation period of ten days," she said.
Symptoms are "breathing and feverish," she said, "we have a very broad definition of cases to sample and isolate all persons who may have been in contact with this person," she explained.
The results of the tests on suspected cases should be known on Friday in the afternoon, said the LRA told AFP. Regional Health Agency of Nord-Pas-de-Calais announced Wednesday the first confirmed case in France of the new coronavirus infection, a 65 year old man, whose identity was not disclosed.
The man was presented April 23 at the Hospital of Valenciennes (North), where he was followed for a chronic disease. He had digestive problems and was placed in intensive care.
This service is complete, it was then transferred April 29 to hospital Douai (Nord) where respiratory problems had been reported.
His health has necessitated the establishment of cardiopulmonary support to take over its respiratory functions. He must therefore be transferred to the University Hospital of Lille, the only institution in the region practicing this type of medical care. The patient is placed in an isolation room, intensive care unit in a "serious but stable condition," according to the ARS.
A man in his fifties who had shared his room at Valenciennes from 27 to 29 April in turn presented disorders requiring specialized consulting infectious disease, sampling and monitoring in the hospital in a private room, according ARS.
A doctor from the hospital 35 years of Valenciennes, which had been in contact with the patient with the new coronavirus, also had symptoms requiring hospitalization in Tourcoing (North) to practice specimens, according to the same source.
The French first confirmed case of infection with the new coronavirus occurs ten years after the pandemic of SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome), part of China, which had killed more than 800 people and caused concern in the world. Cases of infection have been detected in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, the United Kingdom and Germany.
A total of 33 confirmed cases in the world of this novel coronavirus, have been reported to WHO since September 2012 and 18 people died, including 11 in Saudi Arabia. 

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