Sunday, June 21, 2009

Egypt: The detention of two suspected bird flu pigs lake

Sunday, June 21, 2009 - 13:34

Congratulations, Dr. Yusri said Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health the lake, the two were detained on suspicion of swine flu, after the emergence of the symptoms are similar to the symptoms of the disease, their sudden rise in temperature and pain in bones, sore throat and runny nose, cough and pain in muscles and strain.

حيث قامت مستشفى حميات كفر الشيخ باحتجاز على الصافى كامل (25 سنة) مقيم بأبو حمص، كما قامت مستشفى كفر الدوار العام باحتجاز على سعد على (19 سنة) ومقيم بكفر الدوار، وتم احتجازهما بالمستشفى وعزلهما عن باقى المرض بعد أخذ عينة دم منهما ومسحة حلق لتحليلها وبيان مدى إصابتهما بالمرض وإعطائهما عقار التاميفلو.

Where the hospital admitted the detention of Kafr el-Sheikh on the net the whole (25 years) resident of Abu Homs, and the Kafr Al-Dawar General Hospital on the detention of Saad (19 years) and residing in Kfar rotor, have been detained in hospital and isolated from the rest of the disease after a blood sample taken two hours, survey for analysis and description of how they got sick and give them the drug Tamiflu.

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