Sunday, April 7, 2013

Comments and Observations on Patients Prognosis #H7N9

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  • Total Cases:  20
  • Total Deaths:  6
  • Total Critical Condition:  10
Some of the earliest noted cases in critical condition are still alive.  In Anhui Province, Han 35(F) has an onset date of March 9th.  That is nearly one month ago.  Han was confirmed on the 30th of March.  In my notes, Han had pneumonia and difficulty in later stage.  From what I have read, this later stage is extremely quick, and death prevails.  There is no information that I have come upon that Han (35) is dead.

Also, in Jiangsu Province, XU (45)F, is also still in critical condition.  They had an onset of March 19th, and were confirmed on April 2.  They were admitted on March 27th, directly into the ICU, having gone 8 days from onset to admission. 

Another patient from Jiangsu also entered directly into the ICU.  They also had an onset of March 19th, and have been in critical condition since.  That is 48(F) from Sugian Shuvang.  Like the previous case, it was 11 days from "onset" to "admission".  No word out of China on their condition.

Here is a picture of Yang (67)M.  Yang, also retired (a commonality among recent cases) had an onset of 3/25.  Admitted on 3/25, Yang has been in critical condition.  Apparently, on life support, according to this article.

University School of Medicine, where she It is reported that Yang is staying in negative pressure rooms, isolation highest level of patients suffering from infectious diseases ward. The surveillance footage showed medical staff into patient wards are "heavily armed" patient Yang opened his mouth, stuck ventilator lying in bed. Bedside wall power outlet holes 10 are studded, respectively connected to breathing machines, monitors, pagers.

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The WHO, in their latest update on H7N9, states:

To date, a total of 18 cases have been laboratory confirmed with influenza A(H7N9) virus in China, including six deaths, ten severe cases and two mild cases.

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