Thursday, February 23, 2012

Booster SARS Hebei military hospital no strange #H5N1 #BIRDFLU

Booster SARS Hebei military hospital no strange

Transferred the patient was infected with SARS in Baoding, Hebei People's Liberation Army 252 Hospital, last night, armed police guard, but not tense atmosphere, the hospital as usual. (Photo by Ming Pao reporter)
[Ming Pao] Mainland online has spread refers to the Chinese People's Liberation Army 252 Hospital, Baoding, Hebei treated over 100 patients with suspected SARS. Centre for Health Protection in Hong Kong yesterday to contact the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Health, the initial recognition is not the SARS epidemic, and later in the relevant Mainland authorities will be sent and informed of relevant news. The reporter last night to reach Baoding 252 hospitals, but no armed police guard, but not tense, the hospital as usual.Hong Kong Centre for Health Protection, said the Ministry of Health will continue to closely follow up the matter and to monitor the latest developments.

The Health Ministry said the non-SARS in Hong Kong, close follow-up
Mainland recently circulated on the Internet an information, refer to "Baoding, Hebei People's Liberation Army 252 Hospital admitted more than 100 people have been fatal SARS variation, the first patient in Baoding Qingyuan Wing school to check out, now hospitalized most of them are young soldiers, because that is the People's Liberation Army hospital, before the onset to the south training.
Mainland netizens Baoding, 252 hospitals were closed, due to the emergence of mutant virus in the micro-Bo said. Mainland Sohu microblogging query to the local staff, the hospital said the seal hospital and everything is normal, hospital nurses said there was no variation of the virus, but the recent increase in fever patients.

Armed police guarded the Baoding public to wear masks
The reporter last night to reach Baoding 252 hospitals, but no armed police guard, but not tense, the hospital as usual. A security Wang said recently the weather is cold, flu patients increased, but not of SARS, "(SARS), are not our security guarding, the whole hospital will be martial law. The reporter also asked several Baoding public had heard of SARS rumors, but can not guarantee that the news is true that the flow of people gathered at the train station, streets and other places, and no some people wearing masks and other preparedness.
HA Head Infection Control Officer Dr Tsang said that Hong Kong already has a strain of SARS mechanisms and facilities, the HA has 1400 negative pressure isolation beds of infectious diseases, laboratory SARS virus is a quick test agent, a few hours there will be results.Isolation beds to be requisitioned by the hospital for other services, if the SARS outbreak, the hospital only three days can reply to the isolation ward of the function. He said there is evidence of the SARS outbreak, the signs of HA in conjunction with the Centre for Health Protection (CHP) activated the emergency response mechanism, but worry about the most difficult to find the first incidence of the source.
CHP spokesman said that a comprehensive system of channels of communication between Hong Kong and the Mainland, including the notification mechanism of the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome SARS, to ensure the timely exchange of important news and information on infectious disease events, and the outbreak.

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