Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Indonesia: 12 yo Dies Confirmed #H5N1 #Birdflu in Bali

Tuesday, 21/02/2012

Bird flu virus still a threat, a boy with the initials WM (12) died of the H5N1 virus is. WM is the origin of Badung,
Bali was the fifth victim of bird flu in Bali since 1997.

Information gleaned from Denpasar Sanglah Hospital, the victim was admitted to hospital earlier Surya Husada since five days ago.However, because the condition is worsening, then on Tuesday (2/21/2012) morning, WM Sanglah referred to Denpasar. Unfortunately after a treatment in a special room, Nusa Indah, the lives of the victims could not be saved.

"Based on the victims' families demand, while This victim was taken home, "said Yan Kasi Special Treat Sanglah dr. I Gede Ken Wirasandi, told reporters on Tuesday (21/02/2012). Although the family has denied that his son contracted the bird flu virus, but based on the results of medical pemerirksaan by team doctors Sanglah, WM positive for this deadly virus. "Based on the PCR, he's positive, "he said. case of death of this child is the fifth death from bird flu virus that occurred in Bali.

To keep from getting infected with this virus, health and hygiene and cooking food with cooked will prevent from this virus, because this virus will die in a high temperature.
The characteristics of the victims of this virus is prolonged shortness of breath accompanied by fever does not go down. If you're having such a case, then you should immediately consult a doctor. (GDS / NVC)

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