Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Indo: M (49) C. Kalimanten - Bird Flu Negative Patients



Condition of the patient suspect bird flu had the initials M (49), which is now being treated in hospitals Dr. Doris Sylvanus Palangkaraya getting better. Nevertheless, he still continues to be examined until the lab results come from Jakarta about a week longer.

Budi Suprastija physician, Hospital Director Dr. Doris Sylvanus, Tuesday (21/2), said the current patient's condition continued to improve physically. From the results of laboratory tests also show the development of good health.

"The results of X-ray continues to show improvement. In general, the development of improved patient health very quickly, "said Budi. Although the patient's condition continued to improve, but can not be moved from room to room insulation usual care, before there were supporters of the lab results are complete.

Budi explains, the latest news from the laboratory results obtained using the test Visual Conversion Reaction (VCR) for examination of the virus, the result is negative.

While the results of rapid examination conducted in the laboratory Dr. Doris Sylvanus Hospital also showed negative results. "We are again waiting for the results of culture of Jakarta, about 1 week," said Budi.

Tabengan of observation, in the isolation room where suspect bird flu patients were treated, look 2 the nurse was sitting in a chair wearing gray clothes.

While patients in the isolation room is seen lying on the bed. Still in the isolation room, right next to the patient suspectbird flu, appears three family members of patients were also isolated.

The three family members participate isolated because when delivering patients to the hospital and come in direct contact occurs eating chicken meat. Recognition of one of the nurses, the patient had requested wadai (cake) to the nurse.

Even the patient had complained, feeling bored persist in isolation rooms. To-3 family members who participated were isolated instead was grumbling. "Why did we come incorporated into the isolation room, but we just drove," said Dr. Sindi, quoting the patient's family.

Wadai requested by the patient delivered two nurses while wearing clothes that cover the entire body from head to toe.After that check the temperature of the third body of the patient's family members who also were isolated.

Already Actionable

Meanwhile, the Chief Medical Officer Dr. Ani Handaningroem Kapuas in his office on Tuesday, revealed, it was informed there Pantarbali Hamlet, Village Muroi, District initials M Mantangai suspected bird flu.

However, at follow-up directly to the field and laboratory check with the Provincial Health Office, the result was negative.

"Just then the victim's chickens died suddenly. M also had to cut and eat the chicken, after an illness. It is assumed that M resident bird flu, "said Ani.

He explained that currently the condition M is starting to improve. If someone exposed to bird flu, added Ani, a very small percentage in a short time to get better, it gets worse.

Separately, Rajito, Head of Animal Husbandry Department Keswan Kapuas, said it had taken blood samples of chicken pieces and chicken and duck. For the time being of the ravid test (rapid test), the negative bird flu virus. Meanwhile, to make sure the blood sample is sent to a laboratory Banjarbaru, South Kalimantan.

As previously communicated, patients suspected of bird flu had the initials M (49), since Saturday (18/2) then, treated in isolation hospitals Dr. Doris Sylvanus Palangkaraya after a 'stop' in PKU Muhammadiyah Hospital Palangkaraya.

Patients were from the village of Muroi, Middle Kapuas, Kapuas. Family suspected bird flu patients have 12 chickens.Of these, three tails off precisely on Thursday, February 16 and three other head pain. 3 diseased chickens were slaughtered M so as not to chickens infected with the others and consumed by the M family.

On Friday, February 17th morning, M has started to hurt and found symptoms similar to bird flu, such as fever and shortness of breath. The victim was referred to Palangkaraya. Yml / c-hri

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