Thursday, February 23, 2012

Indonesia-There need to be a New Vaccine Overcome Bird Flu #H5N1 #BIRDFLU

Jakarta | Friday, 24 February 2012
CHAIRMAN Poultry Science Society of Indonesia (MIPI) Desianto Budi Utomo assess needs there is a vaccine with a new innovation in addressing the rampant cases of bird flu. This is because the bird flu virus has undergone genetic mutation so that the resistance changes in the weather. Investasi Peternakan di Jakarta, Kamis (23/2). "During this program the government to make the vaccination less fit virus with mutations, there should be a new vaccine," he met on the sidelines of Livestock Investment seminar in Jakarta, Thursday (23/2).

  He describes, in general, mutation genetic mutations in the virus easily occurs due to environmental influences, both environmental, as well as vaccines that are not adaptive.  Because, he added, the symptoms of bird flu virus is contagious in humans is not identical with each other.

  In addition, the spread of bird flu virus is also questionable.  Because, who contracted the virus directly or child is not a breeder cage, but other people who are not in direct contact with poultry. . "But this has not been shown to map its spread and has not been shown how the spread of the virus in humans," he said.

  The Government, he said, need ekstrawaspada.  mentioned, about 3 million people across Indonesia that each day in direct contact with poultry.  "Give a vaccine that proved suitable landing field. This should be done so that no more harmful genetic mutations," he said.

  Responding to terserbut, Director General of Animal Husbandry and Animal Health Ministry of Agriculture Gratitude Iwantoro said preventive measures taken to prevent the spread of bird flu virus from birds to humans. " "We continue to do several steps, including biosecurity, vaccination, and if necessary, until the stage of culling poultry infected with the virus," said Gratitude.

  Thanks be mentioned, to date there are at least seven provinces are reported to have experienced the case of AI (Avian Influenza / Bird Flu) in poultry, namely Central Java (Sragen, Bradford), East Java (Lamongan), Riau (Pekanbaru), East Kalimantan (Panajam North Paser), Jambi (Jambi Muaro), South Sulawesi (Sidrap) and Jakarta (North Jakarta). . In the report, the number of dead birds were reported as many as 1073 birds.

  By Thanksgiving, the potential spread of bird flu virus in the Jakarta area is still low.  But he is asking the public for the circulation of the avian flu alert in Jakarta could happen with the entry of chicken and chicken from other areas. "About 800 thousand chickens per day of supply coming from other provinces to be cut and sold in Jakarta," he said.

  Recorded the number of cases of AI in poultry nationwide in 2011 as many as 1411 cases, or about 122 cases per month, or 4 cases per day. The amount is lower than the previous year, namely in the year 2010 as many as 1502 cases and 2009 a total of 2293 cases.

He added that bird flu cases is usually an increase in the period January to April. . This is because, at that time, are entering the rainy season and floods that spread the virus tends to be higher.

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