Friday, February 24, 2012

Indonesia: E. Java - 5 Residents Pasuruan Declared Suspect Bird Flu Negative

February 24, 2012
Pasuruan ( - Five people from bird flu suspect Petamanan Village, District of South Bugul, Makati City turned out to be negative. The results of this test, issued by the Central Health Laboratory (BBLK) in Surabaya in East Java. They were found not infected with bird flu virus after laboratory tests on the throat and nasal mucus and blood 3 times, the results are negative. With the release of test results, it is hoped the public not to panic anymore. "all five of them negative. There is one referred to, may be the suggestion he was scared. That was the end result is negative. With these test results, meaning that so far bird flu infection from animals to humans has not been there, "said Bambang Pramod on Friday (02/24/2012). Secretary of Makati City Health Department explains, the five people suspected of bird flu is just a fear that too much. Because the resident birds have previously tested positive of bird flu based on rapid test results. "They just have regular flu. It's not something that is considered severe. Because, if people are exposed to the bird flu virus, symptoms usually experience shortness of breath, coughing. and that this virus is under attack organs such as lungs, "he said. [bec / kun]

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