Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Indonesia Commentary - 3rd Death #H5N1

The post today, located here, reporting of the death of a woman in Tangerang, W. Java, is not the same person reported previously, who was a man. Details here:
Date of Article: 1/23/12
Name: Rohman (18)
From: Mekarsari, Panongan, Tangerang Regency
Adm: 1/21/12 --13:45 pm Regional General Hospital Tangerang
Recon: 1/20 - Mercy Hospital Sari, Karawaci
Syms: High fever, severe shortness of breath, Onset: 1/15/12. Severe shortness of breath on 1/18
Notes: Chickens & Ducks around, but none are dead. Appropriate description of Tangerang District Hospital Director, RO eventually tested positive for bird flu infected. He became the first bird flu patients were treated in isolation rooms newly inaugurated Minister of Health Endang Rahayu Sedyaningsih in December. Before being treated in hospitals Tangerang,”
Confirmation: Tested Negative Twice (Health Minister)

Hopefully, we will be able to obtain more information on this latest death. As it stands right now, she came down with a fever, and was dead 4 days later. And they can't find the source.

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