Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Indonesia: Unexpected Patient Condition Improved AI #H5N1

February 22, 2012

Palangkaraya, - The condition of patients suspected of bird flu, M (49), which is currently being treated at General Hospital (Hospital) Doris Sylvanus, Palangkaraya, Central Kalimantan, the better. Indicated by the improvement in the patient's platelet count and checking lab results.

Hospital director Doris Sylvanus, Suprastija Budi, in Palangkaraya, Wednesday (02/22/2012), say, M is Murui villagers, Middle District of Kapuas, Kapuas, who was rushed to hospital after coming into contact with chickens that died suddenly.

On arriving at hospitals Doris Sylvanus the referral hospital to deal with bird flu patients, Saturday (02/18/2012), platelet count of 149 000 M for per m3. Based on laboratory results, platelets M currently at 154 000 per m3 of blood while the normal number of 150000-400000 per m3.

"The doctor had examined M with a stethoscope. When viewed naked eye, the patient can be considered normal conditions," he said.

If sitting, M now do not need the help of nurses. Indicator of improvement in patients was also shown by the results of checks in the laboratory, using electron microscopy. While the results of the examination showed negative patients affected by bird flu.

"But it's interim results. If results are negative, I suspect the overall results were also negative. Hopefully it is not bird flu," said Budi. The overall results are expected to be known, by the end of this week through the checking of patient blood samples.

"In addition to electron microscopy, culture examination is required to determine the virus. Until results are known, patients were treated for suspected bird flu," said Budi.

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