Monday, February 20, 2012

Vietnam-Bird flu in 12 provinces #h5n1 #birdflu

Vietnam to produce bird flu vaccine

 As reported by the Veterinary Department, bird flu has hit the Bac Ninh province with the outbreak in Yen Phong district, and Que Vo, to 392 infected birds, dead.
  Thus, from early 2012 to now, translation has appeared in 12 provinces.  In this situation, on 20.02, the Prime Minister has the power requirements of the Chairman of provinces and cities directly under the Central intensify inspection to ensure food safety, especially in the slaughter, processing, consumption and transport of poultry; good organization to monitor and detect the disease in poultry and thoroughly treated.
  It is 20.2, the Scientific Council of the Department of Animal Health (MARD) has evaluated the protective capacity of avian influenza vaccine by the Company Limited veterinary Surgeons (NAVETCO) research research and pilot production, request for permission NAVETCO vaccine production.. If granted, NAVETCO have the ability to produce 10 million doses / month.  This will be a bird flu vaccine, the U.S. first. However, this vaccine is only effective against strains of old viruses, does not work for H5N1 variant branch 2.3.2 - B appeared in the northern provinces in 2011.

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