Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The boy 12 Years grabs the #Bird Flu #H5N1

February 22, 2012

Having had time to spread and cause any casualties in the last month of October 2011, in which two villagers Jehem, Bangli who are brother and sister passed away, the bird flu again showed its fangs.Disease caused by H5N1 virus is spread by birds, Tuesday (21/2) yesterday claimed the lives of boys aged 12 years from Klungkung initials WM living in Kerobokan, Badung.

The Chief Special Treat Sanglah dr. Ken Wiransadhi when confirmed, confirmed that Sanglah was treating patients who eventually died of bird flu over the world. WM entered Sanglah, Monday (20/2) around 22:00 pm. "The patient is a referral from RS Puri Raharja," Ken said when met on Tuesday (21/2) yesterday.

According to him, WM suspected of having avian flu when stepping on the day-to-5 he was hospitalized in Puri Raharja. "He came with typhoid symptoms. However, when stepping on day-to-5, the patient showed symptoms of ILI is shortness of breath, especially laboratory tests showed the infection to the virus so that WM finally referred to Sanglah," explains Ken.

Delay of the WM medical know suffering from bird flu, Ken explained, because the first WM did not show the characteristics of ILI (Influenza Like illnes) which is the baseline characteristics of the bird flu such as shortness of breath. "Day-5 new symptoms appear, so quickly brought to Sanglah," said Ken.

WM then directly treated in the Bubble Nusa Indah. Of the interrogation Sanglah party, according to Ken, could not be ascertained whether the WM had contact with poultry. "The family is still denying that the victims had contact with poultry. We are therefore of bird flu team is digging deeper than where the victim of a virus," explains Ken.

However, examination of the VCR in Sanglah WM showed that the victim was positive for bird flu. Due to the bad condition when taken to the hospital Sanglah, WM can only last for five hours and finally died at 03.00 pm, Tuesday (21/2) yesterday. His body was immediately taken home by his family. Until now the bird flu has claimed the lives of each citizen and Tabanan in 2005, two residents Bangli in 2011 and WM Klungkung residents living in Kerobokan, Badung in February 2012. (Kmb24)

Delays in the medical ===== know WM bird flu since the beginning did not show the characteristics of ILI which is characteristic of the beginning of bird flu such as shortness of breath. Day-to-5 new symptoms appear. ======

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