Thursday, February 23, 2012

Vietnam: The #bird flu outbreak continues in Hai Phong #H5N1

VNA - Nearly 7,000 birds fall sick or die must be destroyed.

communes, wards of Kien Thuy District, Anyang, and Tien Lang district in diameter, Hai Phong city. Nearly 7,000 birds fall sick or die must be destroyed. The number of poultry outbreaks, most recently on 21/2 on the flock of nearly 800 families [translated separately: "on ducks nearly 800 children [birds] of families] Dao Van Xoan (social Kien Quoc, Kien Thuy district) and 200 thousand of families [translated separately: "her family's ducks"] Vu Thi Loc (in social An Dong, An Duong district).

Mr. Nguyen Van Hung, deputy Department, the Veterinary Department of Hai Phong said: Most of the poultry plague, vaccines are not vaccinated. Besides, due to prolonged cold weather makes the resistance of the poor bird, easy to outbreaks. In addition, the opportunity before, during and after Tet, the transport of poultry in other provinces of Hai Phong city to many, leading to infectious diseases.

To encircle, prevent epidemic, veterinary Hai Phong Department is implementing 500,000 doses of vaccine injected in localities where the outbreak occurred and the surrounding area. However, the risk spread can still occur due to the outbreak of the last 21 days, some people still subjective psychology, service marks and no vaccine suitable for vaccination.

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