Thursday, February 23, 2012

Continental denied the SARS epidemic

Continental denied the SARS epidemic

2012.02.24 12:00 am

The mainland microblogging came near Beijing, Hebei Baoding, the city's People's Liberation Army 252 Hospital with SARS death. However, sources pointed out that the hospital staff an inquiry, denied that the PRC CDC staff did not receive the message. Baoding Health Bureau responded that in the afternoon, the hospital of the municipality has no SARS epidemic. Hong Kong media reports related to patients with the common flu, no deaths, the hospital is operating normally.  [link to]

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Duff Smith said...

SARS is probably the 2nd most dangerous virus after pandemic bird flu, because it definitely either has what it takes to spread globally, or can easily mutate according to one story that was published about some Fouchier-type studies that were apparently done. Treyfish, if you happen to know which article I refer to perhaps a posting (or re-posting) would be timely.

The morbidity and mortality rates are altogether far worse than any flu pandemic in modern history. According to Wiki, the Chinese came up with a vaccine in '04 although it doesn't say how much they may have stockpiled -- perhaps enough to encircle this outbreak? If this is SARS, containment is probably a long shot. Had authorities been ready for it, we wouldn't even be hearing about it considering which Asian country this is.

It's a bat virus, they say. I am glad I closed off the crawl space under my home considering cats used to get in there, and apparently they can be a vector of this virus.