Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Indonesia: Apparently ... chickens also like music

Regarding the poultry in RT2, RT3 Kelurahan Petamanan, Makati City, East Java, there is this excerpt:
February 22, 2012
However, Fauzi who have cultured a total of 1500 pieces of chicken remains concerned about the attacks and deadly virus is harmless to humans. For that, the government hopes that the Department of Health and Production Kota Malang assure peace and the prevention of the virus attacked chickens in the territory . Previously, the bird flu virus attacked some birds owned by cattle in villages Tamanan, BUGULKIDUL District, City of Pasuruan some time ago. Staff Animal Health, Department of Farm City Pasuruan, drh Dwi Novanto Huda explained, a number of birds that died suddenly owned the known positive plague of bird flu. It explains, of 18 chickens died suddenly RT2/RW3 cultured citizens.Dead chickens and buried it by the owner. However, two of them brought Pasuruan City Department of Animal Husbandry for scrutiny to the Laboratory Farm in Malang.While in prevention, the municipal government through the Department of Malang oneself (Dinkes) to exercise zonasiasi traditional markets in the local region. "The aim is prevention of the spread of bird flu virus from Pasuruan to the market traditional Unfortunately, though, there is currently no findings in the unfortunate case, "said Head Dinkes Kota Malang, Enny Sekarengganingati. Furthermore, Dinkes also will do lokalisir the ranchers and poultry traders in a number of traditional markets, so it is not mixed with traders the other, the matter so if there is anything, can directly and easily handled diisolir. Enny request, so that the traders in traditional markets to alter the behavior dirty clean, therefore, he would provide a sink, and polyclinics to wash up. (E012)

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