Thursday, February 23, 2012

Vietnam: Rate of infection increases in birds #H5N1


The rate of virus circulating in poultry in Vietnam is now at a higher rate than in previous years, with 4.13%. In particular, the four provinces with high risk of epidemic is Ha Tinh (with virus prevalence in poultry is 25%), Thanh Hoa, Ca Mau and Quang Ninh (15%).

With these factors, Vice Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Diep Kinh Tan assessment of bird flu this year is very complex and wide epidemic risk is high.

Deputy suggested the local concentration epidemic spread: 100% Destruction of infected poultry, disinfection and hygiene epidemic areas and setting up checkpoints to prevent the movement of poultry production poultry outbreak outside.

Besides, the Ministry of Health has identified 2 cases the patients died of H5N1 bird flu and are related to dead poultry.

Forum duck in the Mekong Delta in the winter-spring rice harvest, making it difficult to control the epidemic - Photo: National

"But the identification of bird flu outbreak in the locality now almost behind. Local government stupid, do not know that bird flu outbreak in their area. Only when there is death in humans, health authorities back to the province is testing a new local source of infection that any outbreak, "said Tran Thanh Duong, Deputy Director of preventive medicine evaluation.

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