Sunday, February 19, 2012

Vietnam Tests A/H5N1 flu vaccine on humans in current outbreak areas #H5N1 #BIRDFLU

These areas have large recent poultry deaths. If it is going to be tested, these are the places to do it. It also smacks of desperation.  Vietnam has a severe bird flu problem this year with indifference by locals selling sick birds and indescriminate disposal of dead birds. There is almost no way to tell you of the seriousness of what is happening there. There are many recent stories of these areas on this site. The stories you read here are but a small sample of what we see..

Vietnam produces H5N1 vaccine 20/02/2012 3:45

Avian influenza spread risk

On 19.2, Professor Nguyen Thi Thu Van, Director of vaccines and biologicals at 1 (Central Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology, Ministry of Health) said, A/H5N1 flu vaccine on humans by research company production is at a clinical trial phase 3 with the participation of 1,200 healthy volunteers in Thanh Hoa and Ha Nam. Previously, this vaccine has been tested clinically stage 1 and 2, test results have met rigorous requirements for safety. Immune response rate higher in period 2 (100%), no reaction out of control. H5N1 vaccine is deployed on the research since 2005. Clinical trial results will be the basis for vaccines are licensed for circulation registration, go into mass production. H5N1 influenza virus virulence strong, high mortality rates, with time up to 100%.

On 19.2, the inspection team MARD by Mr. Mai Van Hiep, Deputy Director of Animal Health to lead the group to examine the prevention of avian influenza, livestock at Bac Lieu province. According to the report, bird flu recurrence in the area before Lunar New Year so far.

On 18.1, the first outbreak occurred in household Phan Van Tong (Hamlet 3, Phong Thanh Dong A, H.Gia Rai) with nearly 400 dead ducks infected. By day 18.2, the disease appeared in eight households in six communes, wards of H.Gia Rai, Vinh Loi and TP.Bac Liao Hong Dan, with the number of poultry deaths and destroyed more than 2,200 children."nh%e1%ba%adp%20t%e1%bb%ab%20kh%c3%b3a..."

Bird flu raging in Thanh Hoa

..poultry in the province have not been vaccinated risk of flu should spread out a large width is very large. Currently, Thanh Hoa province announced bird flu in 10 communes and towns of the districts of Trieu Son, Tinh Gia, Nong Cong, Thach Thanh, Dong Son and Bim Son town. In particular, there are 4 communal Nong Cong district, town, commune Son 2 million, the remaining districts each commune where a bird flu..

 a search on Than Hoa on this site to remind you..

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Duff Smith said...

And the scary part is, Vietnam is the one country that is telling the larger community what they know, when they know it. It is reflective of what is truly going on over a much larger land area than tiny Vietnam. Given the degree of responsiveness exhibited there, I would say that whatever stage the emergency is at within their borders is the stage that certain larger, more reticent countries were at weeks ago.