Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Indonesia: 2 Cases of Bird Flu Reported in Sukabumi Happen

Sukabumi - DVO Sukabumi, West Java, received two reports of suspected cases of bird flu during 2012 and has lowered the team to review the location of dead birds found unexpectedly.

"We've lowered a team of animal health officials fear that the sudden deaths of poultry have been reported are really positive for bird flu," said Secretary Disnak AEP Saepudin Sukabumi District, Tuesday.

However, he says his side have not confirmed reports of poultry that died suddenly was positive for bird flu or not, because it is still in the examination team. In addition, the poultry that died suddenly was not in large numbers.

"We are still doing checks, fear of dead birds infected with bird flu is correct and has been taking samples of blood," he added.

AEP is said, it also has oversight on all farms in the district Sukabumi. Reports of the poultry that died suddenly at the location of the people or small-scale farms.

Meanwhile, Chief District Disnak Sukabumi, Asep Sugianto added, there are seven sub-districts of 47 districts which is prone to the spread of bird flu among Nyalindung, Purabaya and others.

"For we are anticipating doing counseling in addition to spraying disinfectant on a regular basis," said Asep.

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