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Indonesia: Suspeted Human Case in C. Kalimantan Poultry Tests Negative #H5N1 #Birdflu

[This suspected human case was previously posted here, on February 20]
Dr. Doris Sylvanus Hospital received a patient suspect bird flu Kapuas origin. However, rapid tests to the village chickens in bird flu patients were negative. Now the patient's condition began to improve.

One patient suspected of bird flu had the initials M (49), since Saturday (18/2) then, treated in isolation rooms General Hospital (Hospital) Dr. Doris Sylvanus Palangkaraya. Patients were from the village of Muroi, Middle Kapuas, Kapuas.

Tabengan observation, Monday (20/2), the inclusion of a patient's unexpected news of this bird flu does not seem too horrendous a lot of people, as was the case in Sampit, East Kotawaringin, some time ago.

In fact, in the isolation room does not seem too many people wear protective masks. Only, one of the doctors who specialize in the care of these patients using a mask.

Families of patients in isolation rooms separated by a patient and other family members.
Visitors who come, as Chief Medical Officer (DHO) Central Kalimantan Province along with two of his staff, yesterday, when entering the isolation room was also seen without using a mask.

In addition, the patients were also seen not wearing masks, as well as their family members in separate isolation rooms with patients suspected of bird flu.

Hospital director Dr. Doris Sylvanus Suprastija Budi explained, patients suspected of bird flu was originally entered from PKU Muhammadiyah Hospital. Once diagnosed and there is a suspect bird flu symptoms, the patient was referred directly to hospitals Doris Sylvanus.

"Patients with suspected bird flu we put it directly into the isolation room, and indeed there are symptoms such as fever, shortness of breath," said Budi.

According to Budi, the results of tests carried out, such as sputum examination, x-ray and laboratory, it leads to bird flu. After knowing the results of tests performed in hospitals Doris Sylvanus, was also coordinated with the Provincial Health Office and the Animal Husbandry Department of Central Kalimantan.

On February 18 to 19, Distanak down directly to the scene in Kapuas and based on the results quickly (rapid test), flocks of bird flu negative. Although the results of the rapid test result is negative, but for current patients have been sent to Jakarta to ensure the sample is positive or not patients infected with bird flu, and will wait the result.

"But the last condition of the patient eats a good, good condition.Personally I have not decided yet, but I think hopefully not the bird flu, "added Dr Stone.

According to Budi, current when viewed from the patient's condition is quite good, because if the condition of patients suffering from bird flu is very fast ngedropnya. New developments in improved patient care day, his body temperature is also constantly improving.

However, still need to be alert to the condition of such patients, isolation will still be performed. This is a procedure, to clear the patient diagnosis and lab results come from Jakarta.

Told, the incident began when a family with suspected bird flu patients inisal M has 12 chickens. Of these three tails off precisely on Thursday, February 16 and three other head pain. Three diseased chickens were slaughtered M so as not contracted to another chicken and consumed by the M family.

Friday, February 17th morning, M has started to hurt and found symptoms similar to bird flu, such as fever and shortness of breath.

Meanwhile, Dr. ADM Tangkudung, Kadiskes province of Central Kalimantan, on the sidelines of the visit the patient suspect bird flu in hospitals Doris Sylvanus said, since the initial report to the health office, it has been doing procedural steps.

Measures such as the start of complete logistics needs of the hospital, reported the incident to the Ministry of Health, and Health Office Kapuas asked to investigate the epidemiology and coordinate with the Department of Agriculture and Livestock (Distanak). "So complete all the procedures we follow," said the doctor who is familiarly called Rian it.

He said the provincial health office will also continue to monitor and work closely with hospitals Doris Sylvanus to always report the progress of patients to the provincial health office.

He explained that, according to a report from the Health Office Kapuas, based on inspection at the scene, showing off the chicken virus Newcastle (Newcastle Disease). According to Newcastle virus has no effect on humans.

"We need high vigilance, the hospital must continue care as bird flu, although the results are not known, until the results of the laboratory in Jakarta down.
Our patient sample was also sent two times, "said Rian.

Distanak Fixed Monitor

Although the issue of bird flu outbreak has begun to subside, but the East Kotawaringin Distanak (Kotim) still supervise and monitor the traffic of poultry, especially chickens from outside the district and local levels.

In the market town Sampit selling price of chicken meat was cut from a normal race. If previously the price had fallen dramatically, now priced chicken meat Rp25 thousand / kg.

Head of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Distanak Kotim Milky Wardana Eka said, until the sata is it still continues to conduct surveillance and monitoring. Because it did not want to because the issue of bird flu to subside even make it missed in the existing animal health check in Kotim.

"We still continue to maintain tight control over traffic of poultry. I think in a way that protect and fortify ourselves like we did with APUR Kotim, the bird flu virus will not get into Kotim, "he told Tabengan yesterday.

Bima said that until now have not found cases in Kotim chickens that died suddenly diagnosed later tested positive for bird flu virus.Most cases of chickens died suddenly just because of Newcastle disease.

Nevertheless, he still recommends that people stay alert and careful when they wanted to buy chicken pieces to make sure the chicken in a healthy condition. The characteristics of healthy chickens as pale white flesh color, the chest muscles and thigh muscles feel supple, smells a bit fishy to no smell.

He explained, somewhat sick chickens usually bluish in color. For the more deadly virus that infects chickens, chicken should be boiled in boiling water for several minutes. yml / c-may

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