Thursday, February 23, 2012

More sars Rumor stuff #h5n1 #birdflu

Pass one hundred soldiers stained the SARS units anxious to verifyFebruary 24, 2012
 network rumored to nine years ago, the SARS outbreak caused worldwide panic to reproduce Hebei The rumors that Hebei one hundred soldiers fever hospital, there was one death, the hospital suspected that soldiers stained the "evil", blocking the whole floor. The rumors of the outbreak more than a week, the Chinese Ministry of Health yesterday before opening to deny. CDC also has to verify, initially ruled out the possibility of these soldiers stained the SARS.

..The hospital was sealed floor
SARS comeback rumors in Hong Kong Golden Forum, Sina microblogging and Baidu Post! Crazy mass refers to the users, 17 Qingyuan Wing school the whole even the soldiers to eat bad things, high fever, sent to the Chinese people, Baoding, Hebei People's Liberation Army 25 two hospitals, the hospital suspected that soldiers stained the SARS patients treated in isolation, it is said the patients are mostly young soldiers.
Users "sugar pot" refers to the 25 two hospital floor isolation, armed police guard. Sina microblogging has blocked the "People's Liberation Army 25 Hospital", the string search of the "atypical pneumonia".
 Clarification of late by the authorities failed to convince the public doubts, users refer to: "If the rumors, the rumor is it, why the relevant search keywords are also banned.
"Apple" last call 25 2 hospitals to verify the hospital Ms. Chu refers to have heard "rumors", Hospital Respiratory are normal to see the doctor, did not seal the floor issue.

"Beijing does not tense deadWang Jixiang, president of Baoding, Hebei Taiwan Business Association, said in an interview before leaving on the 21st of Baoding, have not heard the news at the local, he said that Baoding close to Beijing, if the outbreak of the SARS epidemic, Beijing authorities are not dead. Jih-Haw Chou, I Department of Health, CDC director, said last night, checking the reply is initially ruled out the possibility of these soldiers stained the SARS. [link to]

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