Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Candian Public Health Agency Updates Travel Advisory

Earlier today, my comment on my post was:
[The Travel Health Notice has not been updated since May 29 (link on the right side-bar, under "World-wide Health Departments".  Also, while this states it is a Level Two, I am not sure if it was increased.  I only know the page was modified as of June 4th]

It appears that the level was raised from level 1 to level 2:

From Global News
June 3, 2013:

On its page of travel advisories, the Public Health Agency of Canada said on May 29 that Canadians should practice usual safety precautions when travelling to the Middle East. It placed the coronavirus outbreak on a level 1 concern (the fourth level is the highest).
“There continues to be no travel restrictions as the risk to travellers remains low,” the advisory says.


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