Friday, June 7, 2013

#H1N1 Vietnam: Death in HCMC A/H1N1

June 7, 2013

5-6-2013 afternoon, Cho Ray Hospital patients confirmed VCTV female name (SN 1989, Kon Tum country, workers in high-tech Zone District 9) infected with A/H1N1 influenza on hospitalizations 2 - 6 died. Prior to admission, the patient became preterm labor at Tu Du Obstetrics Hospital a day earlier at 34 weeks of pregnancy. After admission, the patient was treated isolation, product samples and test for A/H1N1 flu virus, H5N1 and H7N9, were positive for influenza A/H1N1. Although dedicated rescue but the patient's condition has deteriorated, pulmonary infiltrates, diffuse lesions lead to severe respiratory distress should have died. It is known that the patient is being cared for premature infants mode at Tu Du Obstetrics Hospital.Here's A/H1N1 flu cases Tuesday in the south killed. 

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