Sunday, June 2, 2013

#Coronavirus #MERS Jordan: Ministry of Health Statement re: Index Case in Italy-Tests Wife & Kids

June 2, 2013
Translation out of Jordan

Revealed the Ministry of Health in the injury of Jordanian citizenship Italian virus Corona was on a visit to the Kingdom last month. 
said Health Minister Dr. Magali Mahilan that the ministry follows up with all the relevant authorities of preventive measures and survey after the emergence of infection Koruna was possible to cross to Jordan earlier. 
added Mahilan In a press statement today that the survey epidemiological conducted by the ministry on the clock during the past two days between the injured JD at the age of 45 years living in Italy for 20 years and was on a visit to Jordan for 40 days and left for Italy in the twenty-fifth of last May. 
noted to take samples for testing laboratory to check for virus Koruna by the wife of the injured at the age of 35 years, and his two sons, one 10 years old and the last two years, as they showed symptoms of respiratory medium and تماثلوا to heal without any complications, while will show the results of laboratory tests on Sunday. 

called Mahilan National Committee of the epidemics, which includes representatives from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Royal Medical Services and university hospitals and the private sector, the heuristic to follow the latest developments on this front. 

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