Monday, June 3, 2013

#Coronavirus #MERS Italy - 7 Days To Rule Out Other Cases...[Sounds Awfully Close to 4 Days to me]

[sounds awfully close to that 4 days incubation period I talked about here...]


"There is no alarm and our network of surveillance work. But before you have the certainty that the case of man infected with SARS during a trip to New Jordan will remain isolated at least a week. " Giuseppe Ruocco directs the Department of Prevention of the Ministry of Health, one of the key sectors of the Italian health. So for a week we will not know if the episode of Florence, where three people have been affected by the so-called New Sars, can be considered concluded. What are the "times" of this infection? "The coronavirus infection in charge of the New Sars can come out with the symptoms even after 12 days. As long as this lag time will not be the past and there will be no new infections secondary addition to the two identified until yesterday, we can not put an end. "

As Italy is organized to cover the risk of outbreaks? We had already developed a system of defense?
"Already in mid-May, after having received the alert from the World Health Organization (WHO), we sent a circular to the regions because they experienced the centers of network surveillance on severe respiratory syndromes , active even in normal times, which for some countries in the Middle East could have been affected by the disease get identified with the name of Mers. Since then, the ministry is in connection with the Regions to evaluate suspected cases together with the Institute of Health.Already in the middle of last month reference laboratories received the test for the diagnosis. "
Have been identified around fifty people, including family, friends and work colleagues, have had contact with the patient hospitalized at Careggi. The circle was circumscribed?
"We do not contain new cases. Reassure the characteristics described so far for this coronavirus. He appeared in Europe in February, cases that are counted on the tip of a hand in Germany, the United Kingdom and France. All people who came from trips to the Middle East. It seems that this virus has a slow propagation. It is transmitted only through close contact. Who symptoms such as high fever, coughing and chest tightness, to infect other people must have close relationships within a meter away, and prolonged. Do not just an encounter on the street.That's why so far all outbreaks of infection have been developed in the hospital or within families. "
What kind of virus is this New Sars? It can be said that it is a virus "weak"?
"Suppose it is not very aggressive from the point of view of the diffusion and do not withstand long in the environment. Quite different from the influenza virus, where a sneeze may suffice. In some people it is, like the SARS coronavirus in 2002, very dangerous because it can cause respiratory failure and severe hit, in addition to lungs, other organs. "
It is always standing network of ECMO centers, units for patients with severe respiratory failure by extracorporeal membrane oxygenation? Resulted precious during the pandemic.
"They are the pride of our network. Have even been strengthened as a number. For New Sars, as with the above, there are no specific drugs and we have to use supportive care. "
Have been prepared special measures for passengers coming from areas at risk?
'offices border were alerted. At airports health airline is prepared for these events but if the passenger does not disembark with clinical symptoms is impossible to identify it.Have not been given by WHO guidance on possible measures on passengers entering or limitations on travel lost the Middle East. "

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