Sunday, June 2, 2013

#Coronavirus #MERS Italy - Incubation Period 4 Days? Co-workers Has A Cough...

Comments: If the Index Case appeared at work on 5/27 (the day before he was admitted), and the co-worker has the symptoms of a "cough" on 6/1, that is a very tight incubation period. 4 days.

June 2, 2013

For the child, admitted to Meyer, this morning 'fever has decreased - is to know the hospital - even if it remains in isolation as a precaution. " The two adult patients "are doing well," says Alessandro then Bartoloni, head of the department of infectious and tropical diseases at Careggi is treating them both.

The 45 year old, it is almost healed, explain clinic. "It's always admitted here - adds Bartoloni - as a precaution, monitorizziamo the presence of the virus, when it is negative, and we are sure will come out. Precaution put in solitary confinement the woman, but did not have trouble with that worry, a bit 'of fever and cough. "

"For now, the data are good - they add the health - what we want to understand is whether the virus can spread even affect people who have low defenses, the focus will continue for a period because people who need to be directed to centers such as this Careggi. " With regard to the spread of the virus, Bartoloni explains that it was "satisfied that the three had a significant contact time, so there were the conditions for it to be transmitted the virus, had a close contact. Then we have to figure out if these people have been able to pass it on to others, so if we can be spread between people a little more distant than in the case. "

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