Sunday, June 2, 2013

New Sars: "It 'changed the scenario passage of the virus in a few hours " #Coronavirus #MERS


The primary professor of infectious diseases at Careggi: "We need to understand the aggression, for now patients test positive but the symptoms are mild: low fever and cough"

The virus is very contagious, said yesterday morning Careggi hospital the leaders of the ASL and the Careggi, citing a document from WHO. A few hours after the scenario that is presented to physicians is overturned.The cases of Mers, such as people infected with coronavirus, rose by one to three. For now. And forty, persons controlled grow radially. Professor Alessandro Bartoloni is the primary university of the Department of Infectious Diseases and Tropical Careggi (for the hospital is Dario Bartolozzi) with a team of virologists is examining the three cases of Sars New. Professor at what we are facing? It was not the WHO to reassure the low probability of infection among people? "And 'what has been shown so far." Instead it seems a virus aggressive and quick to spread? "Two of the people who came in contact with 'man who first contracted the virus, ie, the patient who is hospitalized on Tuesday at Careggi, are testing positive presenting only mild symptoms. " What? "A little 'cough and a fever." Watch the video The Jordanian citizen he returned to Italy last Saturday, so it remained in the family two days and to work even less, only Mondays. Yet it has infected her granddaughter and a colleague."We have to consider that this virus has shown some ability in the spread from person to person." How do we change your intervention and prevention ? "proceed in controls. Today we will examine other work colleagues and we will have a clearer idea of the ability of infection. In the meantime we will continue to follow those already infected to understand the virulence and aggressiveness of the disease. " Are you worried? "You have to understand that size reaches this transmission and the impact on people. For now, the clinical forms are modest, we do not exclude to find other positive, even without symptoms. " The lady who was plagued has children. "Of course we are assessing the situation of children and other people in contact." The first patient admitted Tuesday how are you? "Better, no longer has fever or cough, and there were no serious pulmonary complications. If we knew we would say that the presence of the virus is cured. " can I resign? "No, we are repeating the swabs to see the actual disappearance of the virus, it will remain isolated until then. But it is a good sign that even without the administration of drugs, there are no specific antiviral has recovered. " How many cases of New Sars there in the world? "We know of 52 cases, the majority concentrated in the Middle East for thirty deadly. We do not know the exact size instead of the infection because the disease often is not recognized. " 

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