Monday, June 3, 2013

Vietnam Still Struggles with Poultry Smuggled Across Border from China

Like smuggled poultry: Paradox border
June 3, 2013
Nhan Dan Online - Recently, the border posts in Cao Bang has captured many breeds of poultry smuggled from China. But ironically, if "Whatever" then people would not like to livestock, because there is no basis poultry hatchery.
On 2-6, the team controlled the border posts Quang Long object detection Nong Van Huong shipping 250 ducks breed of unknown origin from China to Vietnam, confiscated all the ducks in carrying bowel canceled and 10 million penalty.
Also in this area, on 22-5, in Na Dang, Vietnam Chu commune, district function forces the House Agriculture Lang found it, transporting 30 chickens and 300 ducks breed of unknown origin, not quarantine certificates from China to Vietnam.
In other districts, such as 29-5 in the morning Tra Linh, Tra Linh Customs Department discovered two objects are shipping sacks containing about 100 kg of frozen ducks smuggled from China, to bring destruction.
At Market District Chongqing, Market Management Team discovered Trieu Thi Ngoc district, township resident Hung Quoc (Tra Linh) sold many ducks do not have proof of origin should have the custody and disposal accordance with law. Joint inspection team Thach An arrest has destroyed and carried his 260 ducks like Vi Van Lam, residing in Dai Dong Commune, Trang Dinh district (Lang Son) on Provincial Highway 208 shipped.
Recently, the city of Cao Bang, Vice Chairman Cao Bang Van Dam Eng said the livestock sector accounts for 30% of the total value of agricultural production in Cao Bang, but the problem now is that if drastic prevent Breeding holding the smuggled people will not have the same border to livestock because there is no basis poultry hatchery.
To ensure long-term stability livestock, the state should have a policy to support domestic investment in poultry breeding spot focus in the mountainous border.
The situation is not completely gone, but so is happening in the main leadership Cao Cao Bang is still concern, waiting for solutions from the central authorities.

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