Friday, June 7, 2013

#Coronavirus #MERS Saudi Arabia Comments on Latest Case

The WHO Ulpdate talks of the 83(M) reported out of Saudi Arabia.  It is hard to believe that the onset could have been 3 days before the death.
Unfortunately, we do not get much detail in our communication with the Health Minister of Saudi Arabla.
The latest onset date for the Al-Ahsa Cluster was May 8th.  I am recording him in the list for Saudi Arabia, but not the Al-Ahsa Cluster.

Latest List

Date of Report:  6/4
Name:  83(M)*
From:  All-Ahsa Gov. Saudi Arabia
Onset:  5/27
DOD:  5/31
Note:  WHO Update:

Saudi Arabia
Case Number—Name—From—Onset—Condition--DOD
#1—63(M)—Qassim—Died 5/20
#2—56(M)—Eastern Reg.—5/12—DOD 5/20*
#3—85(F)—Eastern Reg.—5/17—Critical*
#4—76(F)—Eastern Reg.—5/24—Discharged 5/27&
#5—77(M)—Eastern Reg.—5/19—DOD 5/26*
#6—73(M)—Eastern Reg.—5/28—DOD 5/26*
#7—61—Al-Ahsa—Reported on 5/29
#8—14(F)—Eastern Reg.—5/29--—Stable*
#9—83(M)—Al-Ahsa—5/27—DOD 5/31

Saudi Arabia Cluster Stat:  12 Deaths, 22 Cases
Total Global cases:  55
Total Global Deaths:  31
Saudi Arabia:  40 Cases; 25 Deaths
France, Europe:  2
Tunisia, N Africa:  2 (3rd probable)
Italy, Europe:  3

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