Monday, June 3, 2013

#Coronavirus #MERS Italy - Prof. A. Bartoloni: "Dozen of Positive Without Symptoms"

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June 3, 2013
New Sars, a dozen of the positive without symptoms  

"I'm about a dozen people tested positive" for the New Sars "but completely asymptomatic we sent samples to the Institute of Medicine 'for confirmation." This was stated by Professor Alessandro Bartoloni, head of infectious diseases at the AOU Careggi. "People with positive screening results - continues the professor - have not been isolated and are at home 'cause they have no signs. Continue to take samples and examine them to understand the extent to which the virus and' widespread '. The behavior of New SARS seems to have surprised the experts. "There was a belief, as indicated by the World Health '- continues the infectious disease - that the virus was transmitted recently and was quite aggressive. What we're seeing so far seems to be, however, just the opposite. The scheme and 'reversed'. The tests are then conducted on people who have had contact with someone who already 'is positive, although it does not present any symptoms. "In addition to the protection of persons - says Professor Bartoloni - this study will serve 'to figure out which' the size of the phenomenon.'s Question, at this point, and ': the virus and' modified oe 'another virus ? ". 

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