Monday, June 3, 2013

Vietnam Unknown Lung Disease List & Map

The most southern marker is where they worked,112.236328&spn=24.508234,31.640625

Central Highland Mountains, Dak Lak Province
Date of Article:  6/3/13
Name:  Male
From: Kim Boi Dist. Hoa Binh.  Worked in Highland Mountain Region.
Recon.:  6/2 (?) Bach Mai Hospital ICU
Sym's on Adm:  Respiratory failure
Adm: Cen. Trop. Dis. Hosp. (3 weeks)
Note:   @ Central Trop. Hosp. given strong anti-viral/antibiotic meds, & under ventilator.  Trans. to Bach Mai.  Severe condition. Gold diggers.

Date of article:  6/3/13
Name:  2 People
From:  Highland area, Dak Lak Province
Adm:  Bach Mai Hospital ICU
Sym's on Adm:  Fever, respiratory illness
Note:  Severe condition.  Samples of blood sent to foreign countries.  Gold diggers.

Thanh Hoa Province
Date of article:  6/3/13
Group of gold diggers died of same symptoms.

Hoa Binh Province
Victim that has been hospitalized for 3 week, and recently transferred - this is where he is from.  He worked as a gold digger in the Highlands area of Dak Lak

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