Wednesday, June 5, 2013

#Coronavirus #MERS Italy - Commissioner Brown (Tuscany): "I got three confirmed cases"


June 4 - For now there are only three confirmed cases of new coronavirus in Italy. "Confirmed cases of coronavirus in Florence are and remain the three. And the patients are doing well. Some cases yesterday in a first control had seemed suspicious, today were negative. Clinical surveillance put in place worked. Continue until all the people who came in contact with the three confirmed cases have not passed the 10 days from the first contact. 

We recently concluded the meeting with representatives of the emergency unit of the Ministry and the Institute of Health to take stock of the situation of coronavirus, and the situation is much more reassuring than had appeared at first, although not yet complete. "The commissioner the right to health Louis Brown held a press conference this afternoon, at the conclusion of the meeting in Department of the crisis unit of the Tuscany Region and representatives of the Ministry of Health and National Institute of Health. With the commissioner, took stock of the situation Maria Grazia Pompa, director of infectious diseases from the Ministry of Health, Rezza and Gianni, director of the infectious diseases department Institute of Health. So far we have watched about 60 people, all those that came in contact with the three hospital patients. 8 The cases that yesterday, in a first screening done by the Laboratory of Virology University of Florence were low-positive results, negative results are a second inspection done by the ISS. A single screening, experts say, is not considered sufficient, the protocols provide two exams, made ​​by two laboratories different. ISS was done a second test, in different portions of the viral genome, which gave a negative result.  

"We are doing what must be done to control this small outbreak, which seems, however, very limited - said Gianni Rezza - We complete the follow up of all cases supervised, the focus remains high, but there is no alarm situation. Incubation time of the coronavirus is 10 days after exposure. If by the end of the week there are new cases, we can consider once the emergency. "With regard to rumors about an anomalous behavior of this virus, Rezza said that" at this point are not confirmed. There is no evidence of mutation of this virus. be necessary to study its characteristics in detail. "And He added: "The situation is under control, prevention measures have worked well, as well as the collaboration between the Ministry, ISS and the Tuscany Region." 

 "When May 16 last year as the Ministry have issued the circular to focus attention on this new virus - said Maria Grazia pump - the most attention to specific symptoms led to the quick response by the Region of Tuscany. We were contacted the evening of the suspect on the first case, and since then we have had continuous contact. The response of the entire system has been more than satisfactory. Surveillance will continue in the coming days. The phenomenon at the international level is not finished. " Patients - have informed the experts - they look good for their resignation expects the complete negativity of the buffer. "I want to thank everyone for how it was handled this case - said the Councillor Brown - We have always worked closely with the Ministry and the National Institute of Health. Yesterday was here the Director General of the Ministry, Joseph Ruocco, today there are Gianni Rezza and Maria Grazia pump. system reacted well, we were ready for more severe emergencies. " 

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