Monday, June 3, 2013

#Coronavirus #MERS Italy - Meeting Tomorrow On Crisis w/Experts from Inst. of Hlth

June 3, 2013
Dr. Giuseppe Ruocco , Director General of the Ministry of Health prevention, participated today at the company Careggi, a meeting of the crisis organized by the department of health of the Region of Tuscany. He conducted the meeting the commissioner Louis Brown . 
purpose of the meeting was to explain the policies, procedures and initiatives taken by the Region of Tuscany , this in order to report to the Minister of Health monitor the situation. Tomorrow afternoon is will be a meeting of the crisis with experts from the Institute of Health, in order to complete the technical examination of the actions taken. 

contacts of the three hospitalized cases were identified by the public health service of the ASL of Florence, and then checked Careggi hospital . The samples are now Istituto Superiore di Sanità, for the confirmation of any positive coronavirus. 

 Meanwhile, the three hospitalized (two to one in the Careggi and Meyer) are in good condition. The crisis unit set up last Friday constantly monitors the clinical and epidemiological situation. And tomorrow will be in Florence the technicians of the Ministry and National Institute of Health, to meet with colleagues from Tuscany. clinical situation . The three hospital patients - the index case and the woman who has had contact with him working, both at Careggi, and her granddaughter, the Meyer - are in good condition and the symptoms that arise, however, in rapid attenuation, I'm not worrying. situation epidemiological .  

You are making all necessary checks to ensure the spread of the virus. Starting from the three hospitalized cases, the Department of Prevention of Florence, in agreement with the hospital departments of infectious diseases, sent to the laboratory of Virology, University of Florence swabs of all those who have had close contact with the case index and the families of the other two cases. The collected samples were sent to the Institute of Health to confirm a possible positivity. 's Crisis Unit . Been active since Friday 31 May, consists of technicians the Councillor right to health, the two companies-university hospital of Careggi and Meyer and the Healthcare 10 in Florence. We met this morning to review all the data currently available and monitor both the clinical situation that the epidemiological. According to the National Institute of Health, the Crisis Unit Tuscan is trying to study the behavior of the virus. "We will increase the number of checks - say the Technical Unit of the crisis - but so far we have verified that the virus is not particularly aggressive and does not involve severe symptoms, presenting clinical symptoms for a quick resolution." Tomorrow afternoon is expected to Florence a meeting of the Crisis with the technicians of the Ministry and the ISS.

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