Monday, June 3, 2013

Vietnam: Heathcare Personnel Team from Bach Mai Hospital Help Same Town As Undiagnosed Respiratory Illness

 [This article is dated May 31, and speaks of the Health Care personnel going to the same hospital to help the poor, as the 3 cases there with undiagnosed respiratory illness.  I posted the story of the undiagnosed cases in this hospital earlier today.]
Date of Article:  6/3/13
Name:  Male
From: Kim Boi Dist. Hoa Binh.  Worked in Highland Mountain Region.
Recon.:  6/2 (?) Bach Mai Hospital ICU
Sym's on Adm:  Respiratory failure
Adm: Cen. Trop. Dis. Hosp. (3 weeks)
Note:   @ Central Trop. Hosp. given strong anti-viral/antibiotic meds, & under ventilator.  Trans. to Bach Mai.  Severe condition. Gold diggers.

Date of article:  6/3/13
Name:  2 People
From:  Highland area, Dak Lak Province
Adm:  Bach Mai Hospital ICU
Sym's on Adm:  Fever, respiratory illness
Note:  Severe condition.  Samples of blood sent to foreign countries.  Gold diggers.

May 31, 2013
Hanoi assistance, health care for people in Muong Lat District

Nhan Dan Online-On 31-5, the team's medical staff Bach Mai Hospital (Hanoi) in the mountainous district, Mường Lát border (Thanh Hoa) examination, care and counseling, health care, drug distribution treatment for 500 poor families in social policy: Trung Ly, and Pu Nhi Nhi Son.
Earlier, the delegation of the Hanoi Health in Muong Lat district also catch HIV status; program implementation support, help, share experiences prevention, advocacy measures, counseling and treatment for patients with HIV / AIDS in their families and communities.
Hanoi Health Department has donated 150 gifts, total budget of over 83 million for the families of patients with HIV / AIDS, supporting dairy for 10 years in a child under two years of age with parental HIV infection / AIDS Health Center donated Muong Lat district handbook 1,000, 8,000 leaflets on HIV / AIDS and support treatment for AIDS patients.
Program support, help, share experiences on HIV / AIDS of the Department of Health in Muong Lat Hanoi will last until the end of 2013. 

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