Saturday, June 8, 2013

Vietnam: Ministry to tighten control over news-gathering websites

1 June 2013

VietNamNet Bridge – Staff members of websites run by enterprises and organisations will no longer be allowed to work as official newspapers, according to the Ministry of Information and Communications. 

Under the ministry’s recently-issued document, which tightens controls over operations of the websites, “News-compilation websites run by enterprises and organistions will only entitled to collect information about economics, politics, culture and society from official news sources of party and state agencies in strict compliance with copyright regulations mapped out by the Law on Press. These websites must directly and accurately quote information from these official sources and include the name of author and the management agency of the original source as well as the date of publication. Such websites will be specifically banned from including user comments on the information cited."
In addition, staff members of compilation websites will be barred from attending press conferences and forums as reporters organised by agencies or ministries.
A number of websites, including,,, and, have been denounced for attending press conferences and seminars, providing the same information as official news outlets.
Recently, Petrotimes Newspaper requested that to stop using information taken from their publication without permission. Subsequently the website was forced to make a public apology to Petrotimes.
Nghe An Province’s Propaganda and Education Department also had to deal with a number of websites, including, and which illegally operated as if they were official press agencies.  
Source: DTriNews

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