Sunday, June 2, 2013

#MERS #Coronavirus Saudia Arabia: After the virus, "Corona", the emergence of virus "Kalpsala" in Al-Ahsa

June 2, 2013

Newspaper Observatory: The struggling Ahsa repercussions of injuries and deaths caused by virus «Corona», which has caused more than 20 deaths during the past two months, Dhmtha bacteria «Kalpsala» that threaten children in the section «K» under observation super newborn », in the maternity hospital Ahsa and children, and led to the deaths of 4 newborns within ten days, the last of whom died two days before, and wounded more than 15 infants.

The director of public relations spokesman for the 'Ahsa health' Ibrahim El-Hadji according to Al-Hayat newspaper that the cases are limited, and that the relevant committees in the fight against infection are not logged disturbing changes in indicators of infection in health facilities.

Medical sources said the newspaper for the same bacteria «Kalpsala» infect patients with weakened immune systems, such as premature babies and newborns, and is fatal in case of deployment. She added: «settlement are usually in the colon, and you need these bacteria to besiege minutes, and the most important ways to eliminate them close the nursery, and transport the injured to isolate rooms, and keep them away from healthy children, and to cleanse the place so make sure to eliminate the bacteria. The consultant at the hospital (who preferred anonymity) told «life», that lack of action patient safety and infection control, and lack of attention to preparation of parenteral nutrition and safety requirements of the accumulation of patients, and the non-application of international standards for the practice of good health, and a lack of nursing, is the most important causes of widespread microbe in hospitals, calling for providing spacious rooms for avoid overcrowding children in the rooms, and each child away from the other by enough, and the direct supervision of the management of the place, and the intensification of training courses for medical and nursing staff to deal with these bacteria.

The Maternity and Children Hospital in Al-Ahsa is a main hospital for childbirth and children in the province, and receives more than 35 births per day, and receives more than 1,200 auditors every day. The hospital serves more than 1.5 million citizens. 

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