Saturday, June 8, 2013

#H1N1 Vietnam Case List

Vietnam H1N1 2013

46M—Yen Bai—Early April—DOD early April
72M--HCMC Dist. 11—Cho Ray Hosp--DOD early May
56M—Ha Giang—April—DOD 5/21
61M--Dong Thap-Cho Ray Hosp--DOD 6/3
3yo—Dong Thap—Childrens Hosp HCMC—contact of 61M--recovered 
24F—HCMC Dist. 9—6/1 Cho Ray Hosp-- DOD 6/5
49M—HCMC Dist. 3—5/24 Gia Dinh Hosp HCMC--DOD 6/3 
48M—Ben Tre—6/6 Cho Ray Hosp.--ICU

Name:  46(M)
From:  Yen Bai
Adm:  April (beginning) Hosp. for Tropical Diseases, Central
DOD:  Beginning of April, 2 days after admission.

Name:  72(M)
From:  HCMC – District 11
Adm:  Cho Ray Hospital
Sym’s on Adm:  Breathlessness
DOD:  Early May

Name:  56(M)
From:  Lung Sinh, Lam Commune, Xuyen Dist. Ha Giang Province
DOD:  5/21

Name:  Ly Kim Sen (61M)
From:  Dong Thap, Farmer
Adm:  6/1  Cho Ray Hospital
Adm:  5/24 Dong Thap General Hospital
Sym’s on Adm:  Abdominal pain, cough fever, shortness of breath
Note:  patient sellf-medicated, condition worsened.
DOD:  6/1 a few hours after admission

Name:  Hiện 3yo (contact of 61M above)
From:  Dong Thap
Adm:  Children’s Hospital 1,  HCMC
Note:  Granddaughter of Ly Kim Sen (61M) above. 
Confirmed:  Positive, PCR Test

Name:  Le Thi Cam Van  (24F)
From:  HCMC – District 9 (worked)
From:  Native of Kom Tum Province.
Adm:   6/1 Cho Ray Hospital
Syms on Adm:  respiratory failure
Adm:   5/31 Tu Du Obstetric Hospital, delivered baby, lived.
Note:  Husband had flu 3 days prior to onset of wife.  She worked at TPHCM (Tech Park, HCM)
DOD:  6/5

Name:  Nguyen Xuan Thien  (49M)
From:  HCMC – District 3
Adm:  5/24 Gia Dinh People’s Hospital
Sym’s on Adm:  fever, diarrhea, entered gastroenterology
DOD:  6/3

Name  48(M)
From:  Ben Tre
Adm:  Cho Ray Hospital
Sym’s on Adm:  fever, cough, respiratory ventilator

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