Friday, June 7, 2013

#H1N1 Vietnam: 62 yo Farmer Dies from Dong Thap Province

[Cho Ray hospital also housed the pregnant fatality of H1N1 on June 6,  that I posted here]
June 6, 2013
One patient in the hospital dying because the H1N1 avian influenza virus. This is the 2nd patient died of H1N1. In early May, a patient at the District 11, Ho Chi Minh City, also died because of H1N1 flu. He admitted in a state of breathlessness and despite being positive but emergency condition did not improve.
Domestic Press reported patient was a 62-year-old farmer, living in Dong Thap province, while hospitalized with symptoms of fever, sore throat and cough.
Dr. Hoang Lan Phuong, deputy tropical diseases department at Cho Ray hospital, patient self-medication, but is in remission and exacerbations, but later transferred to Cho Ray hospital for pneumonia and status respiratory failure.
Through investigation, medical specialists said spikes before onset patients, their families eat their duck but he was sick.
Cho Ray Hospital is currently verifying a different A/H1N1 cases where the patient is a woman.

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