Friday, June 7, 2013

#H1N1 Vietnam: 2 Recent Deaths, 2 Additional Patients @ Cho Ray Hospital


June 6, 2013

Husband flu 3 days, Ms. Le Thi Cam Van (born 1989) spread the disease. Then young women were identified as influenza A/H1N1 infection and lead to premature death.

TS. Hoang Lan Phuong, deputy chief of the hospital's tropical, said before admission, Cam Van in distress, respiratory failure and severe birth to a baby boy at 34 weeks at Tu Du hospital 31 / 5.
After birth, women continuous dyspnea and was transferred to Cho Ray hospital in a state of alert, but still have to sit for breath. Here, the doctors conducted tests, 2 screened for lung tapped and went into severe respiratory distress.
But was put into isolation, early treatment with Tamiflu, made mechanical ventilator patient's condition improved, but then again very bad, and lead to death.
Cam Van's electronics workers in high-tech area, District 9, HCMC. Only 2 young couple rent in a 3 room suites, both of which do not communicate with those around them. Notably, before the wife gets sick, flu husband for 3 days and then off completely, then infect his wife.
"This ability to shift death is so contagious disease from her husband. Because pregnant women have very weak resistance, the disease is usually spread quickly and become heavier than normal people. Only one evening, maternalfever chills but next to lung injury was very severe, " Dr.. Phuong said.
It is known that, in addition to 2 new cases of death , the hospital has added 2 patients. In particular, a patient identified influenza A/H1N1 quite severe lung damage and is being ventilated. Patients remaining negative for at Cho Ray hospital and awaiting test results at the Pasteur Institute.
TS. The recommendations, the cases with symptoms of fever, respiratory, pulmonary infiltrates, blood tests show no increased leukocyte reduction should be placed under guard A/H1N1 flu. Especially not to buy drugs outside will delay treatment time. Because if early treatment within 48 hours, the prognosis is much better.

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