Sunday, June 2, 2013

Pakistani escape from «Salmania» after doubts wound b «Corona» #MERS #Coronavirus

June 2, 2013

Al «middle» Pakistani (42 years), escaped from the Salmaniya Medical Complex on Saturday (June 1 / June 2013), after doubts wound with 'Corona'.

According to the information obtained by the «middle» from informed sources, the «Pakistani who works in Bahrain went to Saudi Arabia for the transfer of goods, On his way back to Bahrain yesterday conducted test him in the quarry is located on King Fahd Causeway, and was discovered symptoms of virus Corona» .

The sources pointed out that «involved in the bridge called the ambulance, which took him to the Salmaniya Medical Complex, where he underwent tests and found the initial screening his virus, has also been taking samples of his blood for analysis, while waiting to get the results escaped from a hospital».

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