Friday, June 7, 2013

#Coronavirus #MERS Saudi Arabia: 7 Recovered, 9 still admitted

Friday, June 7, 2013 - 10:48

Dr Khalid Marghalani official spokesman of the Saudi Ministry of Health, said the ministry has examined more than 2360 cases have been confirmed injured 40 cases were infected with Corona, so after testing injury citizen in Al-Ahsa suffering from chronic diseases, pointing out that the deaths has now reached 24 cases, The symmetry 7 to heal, while still 9 others under medical care intensive and Quarantine. According to the official Saudi newspaper "Okaz" Today it has been during the twenty-four hours checking 43 samples were all negative, within the framework of Investigation epidemic disease virus Corona new (Mirs ). said Marghalani said the ministry has launched the second phase of its campaign to raise awareness of health disease virus Corona, which aims to publicize the disease and provide the community and relevant developments related to it and ways to prevent potential across different media within the plan complementary to achieve the goal to reach all segments of society in various categories according to developments in the disease where These include stage processing and printing of brochures identifying the disease and ways to prevent it as plan provides for the use of advertising awareness in television and radio as well as advertisements awareness in a number of newspapers and the media and means of social communication.explained that this phase comes to complement the health awareness campaign disease virus Corona new In the first phase, which included a number of activities and events, including holding press conferences of the leaders of the ministry and specialists from the World Health Organization and holding meetings and television interviews in satellite and radio in addition to issuing press releases on a regular basis, also included the first stage on the launch of a web page a new health awareness disease new Corona virus.

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