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Cambodia H5N1 Human Case List 2013

Report Date/Province/District/ Con. Date /Name/DOD
Jan 27/Kampong Speu/Kong Pisei/1-23/35(M)/DOD 1-21
Jan 27/Takeo/Prey Kabass/1-22/15(F)/DOD 1/21
Jan 27/Phnom Penh/Porsenchey/1-22/8(mos)/Recovered
Jan 28/Kampong Speu/Kong Pisei/1-26/17(mos)/DOD 1-28
Jan 29/Kampot/Teouk Chhou/1-28/9(F)/DOD 1-28
Feb 8/Takeo/Prey Kabass/1-22/5(F)/DOD 2-7
Feb 13/Kampot/Angkor Chey/2-11/3 (F)/DOD 2-13
Feb 21/Kampot/Angkor Chey/2-19/2 (M)/DOD 2-19
Feb 26/Kampong Cham/Trung Trang/2-23/35(M)/DOD 2-25
Apr 3/Kampot/Phnom Penh/4-2/5(M)/
May 24/Kampong Speu/Thpong/5-2/5(F)/Recovered
Jul 2/Phnom Penh/Khan Roeusey Keo/6-21/58(M)/Recovered Co-infected
Jul 2/Kampot/Bantheay Meas/6-28/6(F)/DOD 6-28
Jul 12/Prey Veng/Kampong Trabek/7-10/3(M)/Stable
Aug 13/Battambang/8-9/9(M)/DOD-8/19
Aug 13/Kandal/8-10/5(F)/Critical Condition-8/22 Recovered
Aug 22/Kandal/Stung/8-17/6(M)/Recovered
Sept 4/Phnom Penh/Russei Keo/8-30/15mos (M)/Stable

Sept 19/Takeo/5(F)/Serious
Sept 19/Kampot/2(F)/DOD 9/18

Kampong Speu
Date 1/27/13
Name:  35(M)
Trapeang Sla village, Preah Nipean commune,  Kong Pisey district, Kampong Speu
Onset:  1/13
Adm:  Treated by private practioner
Adm:  1/21
Hospital:  Khmer-Soviet Friendship Hosp. Phnom Penh, sym's fever, dyspnea
Notes:  Prepared sick chicken for food prior to being sick.
Confirmation:  1/23/13 - Positive
Date:  1/27/13
Name:  15(F)
Snao village, Prey Kabass district, Takeo Province
Onset:  1/11/13
Adm:  Treated by private practioner.
Hospital:  Kantha Bopha
Adm:  1/17/13 sym's fever & shortness of breath.
DOD:  1/21/13
Notes:  Previous dead poultry in village.  Prepared sick chicken for food prior to being sick.
Confirmed:  1/22/13 - Positive

Phnom Penh
Date:  1/27/13
Name:  8 month male
Chrey Korng Village, Sangkat Chorm Chao, Khan Porsenchey district, Phnom Penh
Onset:  1/8/13
Hospital:  National Pediatric Hosp.
Adm:  1/9 sym's fever, cough, runny nose, vomiting.
Notes:  Samples sent on 1/11.  History of contact with poultry.
DOD:  survived and recovered
Confirmed:  1/22/13 - positive
Kampong Speu
Date 1/28/13
Name:  17 month girl
From:  Kong Pisei district,
Prey Nhat commune, Kampong Speu
Onset:  1/13, fever, runny nose, vomiting
Adm:  private practitioner
1/17 fever, cough, somnolence & dyspnoea 
Hospital: Kantha Bopha Phnom Penh
Notes:  Recent poultry death in village.  Contact with poultry.
DOD:  1/28
Confirmed:  Positive 1/26
Kampot Province
Date 1/29/13
Name:  9 yo girl
From:  Thmei village, Thmei commune, Toeuk Chhou district, Kampot Province
Onset:  1/19, fever, cough
Adm:  Initially treated by a private practitioner
Adm:  1/27
Hospital:  Kantha Bopha with fever, cough, somnolence and dyspnoea
DOD:  1/28
Notes:   Poultry dead around village.
Confirmed:  Positive - 1/28

Takeo Province
Date  2/8/13
Name:  5 yo female
From:  Angk Krasang Village, Prey Lvea commune, Prey Kabass district, Takeo Province.
Onset:  1/25
Adm:  local private practitioner
Adm:  1/31 with fever, cough & dyspnoea
Hospital:  Kantha Bopha Hospital
Confirmed:  Positive, diagnosed on 2/7
DOD:  2/7
Notes:  recent deaths of poultry in village.  Touched & ate dead chicken. 

Kampot Province
Date:  2/13/13
Name:  3 yo female
From:  Trapeang Kamphleanh village, Ang Phnom Toch commune, Angkor Chey District, Kampot Province
Adm:  2/6
Hospital:  Kantha Bopha Hospital, fever, abdominal pain, drowsiness
Onset:  2/3 red rash, initially treated by private practioner
Notes:  Recent death of poultry in village, history of contact.  Critical Condition w/severe breathing problems.
Confirmation:  2/11/13
DOD:  2/13/13

Kampot Province
Date:  2/21/13
Name:  20 month old male
From:  Ang Romduol Village, Angkor Chey commune, Angkor Chey district, Kampot Province
Onset:  2/6, runny nose & fever.  Treated by local private practioner.
Adm:  2/18 Kantha Bopha Hospital, Phnom Penh with fever, cough, dyspnea
Confirmation:  2/19/13
DOD:  2/19/13 (18 hours after admission)
Note:  Poultry death in Village.  Eighth death this year.  29th person to become infected.  26th to die.  Of the 29 confirmed Cases, 20 were children under 14.  19 of the 29 were Female.

Kampong Cham Province
Date:  February 26, 2013
Name:  Thoeun Doeun (35) (Male)
From:  Kbl Ou Village, Me Sar Chrey commune, Stueng Trang, Kampong Cham Province
Onset:  2/8  fever; worsened on 2/10 w/frequent cough, dypsnea
Adm:  Local practitioner
Adm:  2/13 Kampong Cham Hosp.  Treated with Tamiflu
Adm:  2/19, Hospital Benh Calmete, Phnom Penh  (MOH Statement says 2/21)  Developed pneumonia
Notes:  Contact with dead Ducks and eating. 
Confirmation:  Positive on 2/23/19
Phnom Penh site:  Onset:  2/6; Health Clinic 2/13; & adm to Provincial Hosp. immediately, adm Calmette Hosp 2/22.
DOD:  2/25

Kampot Province
Date:  4/3/13
Name:  5(M)
From:  Boeung Tapream vill., Sangkat Treuy Kors, Kampong Bay dist., Kampot Province
Onset:  3/27 Fever, convulstions, shortness of breath
Adm:  3/29 Treuy Kors Health Centre
Adm:  3/29 Kampot Prov. Hospital
Adm:  3/31 Kantha Bopha Hospital, Phnom Penh, treated w/Tamiflu
Confirmation:  4/2/13
Note:  Critical condition.  Not known if contact with poultry.
Update:  Improved, out of ICU  4/8/13.

Kapong Speu
Date:  5/24/13
Name:  5(F)
From:  Tep Phirom village, Veal Pon Commune, Thpong District, Kampong Speu
Onset:  1/28/13
Note:  Patient was enrolled in a fever surveillance study of the US Naval Medical Research Unit.  She is alive and exposure to poultry is being investigated.

Phnom Penh
Date:  7/2/13
Name:  58(M)
From:  Sangkat Chroy Chorng Va, Khan Roeusey Keo, Phnom Penh
Adm:  Khmer-Soviet Friendship Hospital
Confirmed:  6/21
Tested Positive for Influenza on 1/9
Note:  Recovered.  12th case.  Confirmed after routine testing of samples.

Kampot Province
Date:  7/2/13
Name:  6(F)
From:  Preyleu Village, Meas Commune, Bantheay Meas District, Kampot Province
Adm:  6/28 Kantha Bopha Hospital, fever, dyspnea & cough
Reconciled:  6/26 Private Clinic, cough & dyspnea
Onset:  6/24 fever, headache
Confirmed:  6/28
DOD:  6/28/13
Note:  13th Case this year.  9th death this year. 

Prey Veng Province
Date:  7/12/13
Name:  3(M)
From:  Kampong Trabek district, Prey Veng Province
Adm:  7/8  Kantha Bopha Hospital in Phnom Penh
Sym’s on adm: fever, cough, dyspnea
Confirmed:  7/10
Note:  14th case this year.  Recent poultry deaths in village.
Battambang Province
Date:  8/13/13
Name:  9(M)
From:  Damnak Dangkor Village, Battambang Province
Adm:  8/4  Jayavarman VII Hospital
Confirmation:  8/9
Note:  Stable condition.  15th Case for 2013.  Boy carried dead & sick chickens & ducks from cage for food preparation.  Fever, abdominal pain & dyspnea.  Stable condition treatment w/Tamiflu.
DOD:  8/19

Kandal Province
Date:  8/13/13
Name:  5(F)
From:  Knong Prek Village, Kandal Province
Adm:  8/9 Kantha Bopha Hospital
Confirmation:  8/10
Note:  Critical condition.  16th Case for 2013.  Recent deaths of poultry in her village.  Fever, abdominal pain, diarrhea & dyspnea. 

Kandal Province
Date:  8/22/13
Name:  6(M)
From:  Stung District, Kandal Province
Onset:  6/21
Note:  Quickly enrolled in Acute Febrile Illness Surveillance (FSS) Study in Kandal
Confirmation:  8/16
17th Case.  Contact w/sick poultry.

Phnom Penh
Date:  9/4/13
Name:  15mos (M)
From:  Russei Keo district, Phnom Penh
Adm:  Kantha Bopha Hospital, fever, cough, diarrhea, lethargy & dyspnea
Note:  Stable condition
Confirmed:  8/30/13

Date:  9/19/13
Name:  5(F)
From:  Takeo province
Adm:  Serious condition
Note:  19th case this year

Date:  9/19/13
Name:  2(F)
From:  Kampot
Adm:  Kantha Bopha Children’s Hospital
Note:  20th case this year
DOD:  9/18/13

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