Wednesday, September 4, 2013

#H7N7 Italy - 2nd Person Confirmed by St. Ursula - awaiting NIH official confirmation

September 4, 2013

After the first case, it was confirmed yesterday for the second, a man of 46 years, more employee of the Eurovo of Mordano, who had experienced symptoms of conjunctivitis suspected. And six other workers remain under close surveillance. "The tests carried out at St. Ursula was due to the virus the second case - Alba explains Carola Finarelli, director of the infectious diseases service in Viale Aldo Moro -. E 'already left the sample for the National Institute of Health, which will give the official confirmation. " The prosecutor's office has opened an investigation against unknown persons in the meantime. The prosecutor added Valter Giovannini has opened an office file assuming the crime of bodily harm in relation to two cases of bird flu that have occurred in the breeding of Mordano, nell'Imolese.


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