Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Qatar Updated Case List #MERS #Coronavirus

Updated Case List bring the total to 5 Cases and 2 Deaths.

Case Number—Name—From—Onset—Condition--DOD

#1—49(M)—Qatar—9/3/12—DOD 6/28/13
#2—45(M)—Doha—10/5/12—Discharged late Nov. 2012
#3—59(M)—Qatar—8/15—Stable Condition--Recovered
#4—29(M)—Qatar—Rptd 8/17—ICU Critical Condition
#5—56(F)—Qatar—Adm 8/23—DOD 8/31

Date Report:  9/22
Name:  Male (49)
From:  Qatar
Notes:  Travelled to Mecca, Saudi Arabia
Onset:  9/3 respiratory sym’s
Adm:  9/11 Guys & St Thomas’ Hosp-Transferred to UK via air ambulance
Adm:  9/7 ICU, in Doha, Qatar
Notes:  developed renal failure.  Still hospitalized as of 2/13/13.
Confirmation:  9/21
DOD:  6/28/13

Date Report:  11/23
Name:  Male (45)
From:  Doha, Qatar
Onset:  10/05
Adm:  Qatar, transferred to Germany on 10/24
Sym’s @ Adm in Germany: Sev. Resp. Dis. Syn. & renal failure.
Confirmation:  November 20, 2012.  made from Samples sent from Qatar
Currently discharged late November, recovering.  No epidemiological link to previous cases.
Notes:  WHO provided info.   Alive.   Owned a camel and goat farm.  Goats were ill with fevers before man became ill.  He had no direct contact with the goats but had eaten goat meat.  His caretaker was hospitalized with severe cough and he had contact with the caretaker.

Date of Report:  8/21/13
Name:  59(M)
From:  Qatar
Entered Qatar:  8/15
Onset:  8/15
Adm:  Hamad General Hospital
Note:  Traveled to Medina Saudi Arabia previously for 6 days.  Detected upon admission to Qatar.  Did not take part in Umrah and did not visit Al-Masjid an-Nabawi in Medina.  Recovered

Date of Report:  8/26/13
Name:  29(M)
From:  Qatar
Onset:  8/17
Adm:  National Flu Center Critical Condition
Note: Co-morbidities (asthma). 

Date of Report:  9/4/13
Name:  56(F)
From:  Qatar
Adm:  8/23
Note:  co-morbidities
DOD:  8/31

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