Friday, September 6, 2013

Vietnam: Ho Chi Minh City Dept. Edu Prevention Measures For Avian Influenza in Schools #H5N1 #H7N9

September 6, 2013
hocSo has written requests Education department heads , principals of colleges , vocational , secondary , continuation education director of the Center promptly deploy measures to enhance disease prevention in schools ( especially HFMD (TCM), dengue fever ( DHF ) , avian flu ) , environmental sanitation of the school year 2013-2014 .
Accordingly , the rooms of Education in collaboration with the health district training and communication measures to prevent HFMD , dengue fever and avian influenza for administrators, school health personnel , teachers staff , nurses in the nursery school and youth group home in the area .

On the part of the organization of the whole school hygiene , especially boarding facilities , boarding . Regularly clean the classroom , kitchen , canteen , toilets , pay attention to the surface , or exposed objects such as door handles , stair handrails , countertops . The toilet area should wash their hands with tap water , enough water and soap . Open airy classrooms , hall , office , kitchen . Regularly test security in schools without wriggling ; campus no standing water , no tools are stagnant rain water , drop guppies in pools , ponds pots . Eat , school canteen does not use meat and poultry products from the point of business not ensure food hygiene and safety .
Besides , the integrated schools promote training and knowledge dissemination hygiene and disease prevention for students to form the habit of practicing hygienic behaviors conducive to health . Education students aware of personal hygiene , general hygiene , such as not littering , spitting , clothes , hair neat , clean and free of nails , long toenails . Instruct students to wash their hands properly with soap and wash your hands before and after eating , after using the toilet .

For parents , the children found sick must notify the school to the school and local health organizations handled promptly . Sick children to school from 7 to 10 days to avoid infecting others .
Department of Education will coordinate with the Department of Health to inspect and supervise the implementation of disease prevention at the unit at the beginning of the school year ...

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