Monday, September 2, 2013

#H7N7 Italy One Case Confirmed -- One Case Suspected

September 2, 2013
BOLOGNA - In mild form, but it happened again, as in the Netherlands in 2003, the H7N7 avian influenza virus has made ​​the jump species and has infected humans, in one case confirmed by the Institute of Health and a second case so far only suspect, for which you are waiting for lab results tomorrow. 

Both patients are suffering from conjunctivitis and were only exposed to the virus' for professional reasons, both employees of a breeding laying hens Mordano (Bologna) dall'aviaria hit in recent days, and then continued contact with animals Infected among the 110 employees engaging in the activity of killing animals, programmed to contain the spread of the virus. Over a million birds to be killed in four farms affected by the virus from 13 August onwards, two in Ferrarese (already completed operations) and two in Mordano, where he will end Wednesday. 
The sanitation of establishments is expected by the second week and the group Eurovo, which has three of the four affected herds, the resumption of production - particularly anticipated by the world economic worried about the repercussions in times of crisis - could be done "by mid- September. ' The patient confirmed positive to the virus is in their own home, not in hospital, subjected to antibiotic therapy. It does not appear to have respiratory complications. Despite the rarity of the disease from man to man, even his family were subjected to a similar prophylaxis.

The NAS Carabinieri have also informed the pool dela Health Protection of the Public Prosecutor's Office of Bologna - coordinated by the deputy prosecutor Valter Giovannini - and most likely will be opened, had to act as a file cognitive and title of crime. Of the 110 workers slaughter, 61 had already been exposed to the virus before, working in the plants affected, and are monitored daily by the medical point of view: "It was so with the diligence of the controls, which have emerged the two cases, one confirmed and one suspected, "says the general manager of the Health of Emilia-Romagna, Titian Carradori.


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