Friday, September 6, 2013

#MERS #Coronavirus Saudi Arabia - Batin: 'Corona' raises 'horror' ... And 'health' committed to 'silence' Batin

September 4, 2013
Re-Virus «Corona» lethality family Fahad Al Sahli (38 years old) who died 12 days ago, died from a wound infected, to catch him the day before yesterday, and his mother Septuagint, which voiced last breath due to the injury, rising toll Batin to the three cases. While still Armed Forces Hospital in the military city, held recently and the mother of nearby deceased isolation, by suspicion Basapthma. At a time when the Ministry of Health announced two of his relatives healing (8 and 16 years).
With refuses Directorate of Health Affairs in Batin, to comment on the injury, and refer the matter to the Ministry of Health, which in turn refuses to answer inquiries. And refer everyone to the ministry in which he declares his cases died, or converged to healing.
She's family Fahd Sahli, in the words of his brother بداح, regret and displeasure of dealing «Health Batin», which they described as «immoral» with the family, «It did not bother to Massaibna, we did not find the body that contain the crisis», pointing out that «some our analysis we work on our behalf, and we of نطاردهم for sampling, and all they have done is just a sampling of Mkhaltin, without that they isolate family cautionary ».
Sahli said, «we believe will and decree of Allah, praise be to God for everything, but now we now fear for the rest of us, health can not see, nor hear, nor speak. Even worse than that dealing with the event coldly nor indifference, sometimes up to التبرم, when we call to take samples and send us your result », adding that« the Ministry of Health announced heal two cases of infected cases, we did not know already Basapthma, in the absence of full to us about the event, We fear that pay a greater price. To the degree that we are in mourning mother sent a message asking them to relatives pray without attendance, fearing that نكلف the people what they do not afford, under ignored by the Ministry of painful and put our service.
Moreover, the people live Sulaimaniya district, off of 'growing concern', to the extent that some parents forbid their children from going to school, for fear that there will be instances of contacts of the injured at school, endangering the lives of their children at risk, demanding the «real movement and concrete, to establish isolation for a family of afflicted with this disease, so make sure their safety, Cases few Currently, under control, but neglect to deal with them in this way makes it difficult to control in the future », demanding Preventive Medicine, and the Office of infection control in« Health Batin », doing their part, 'or at least; issuing orders to isolate potential patients, so be sure of their safety, arguing that the «Dealing loosely in the first place, which resulted in the injury Fahd and his mother, and وفاتهما later. And now lives his cousin and his mother in isolation, under the mercy of God.
In turn, explained the Department of Education in Batin, that «the decision to isolate students, or damaged schools, does not issue from the Department of Education, but after a recommendation flying by« Health Batin », pointing out that« the coordination between the two parties continuously exists, and to now missed Administration stating the need to isolate students or students or schools.
She «Batin raising» eagerness to be achieved «manner that does not provoke panic in the souls». The clarification comes in time management handled the news about the intention of a number of primary منسوبات 16, located in the district of Sulaymaniyah, to refrain from coming to school, so be sure of the safety of everyone, and isolate the relatives of the deceased; so as not to worsen the situation in a larger format.

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