Thursday, September 5, 2013

"SK" deprives 5 students attend the school in Batin, Saudi Arabia #MERS #Coronavirus

This is talking about the Batin Cluster, found here.

September 4, 2013
A number of parents dug subcontractors: The virus "Corona" caused the deprivation of their daughters primary school students to attend the school, after the rejection of the sixth director of primary ten Bastkabbahin the result with 8 parameters for hours in front of students.
The بداح Sahli "the son of a woman who died recently the virus has a brother of the deceased in the same virus," the school principal refused to receive the students, which increased psychological problems with students and relatives of the deceased and the injured, especially in light of discretion and Ministry of Health on the number of injured and the late arrival of the results of laboratory testing, what caused the transmission to more than one person from the family members.
He continued: "The Ministry of Health announced heal two cases of infected cases did not know already Basapthma, in the absence of full to us about the event, and we fear that paying a larger, to the point that we are in mourning mother sent to relatives a message asking them to pray without attendance, fearing that نكلف people do not afford, under ignored by the Ministry of painful and put our service and protect us from infectious diseases, and to deprive us of our rights as patients, a simpler let us know what is happening to us and our families, our children, and provide us with a full description for medical حالاتنا ".
He stressed that preventive medicine and infectious diseases department Icoma not visit them at the home of his brother, or his mother during removal or after their death to be sterilized at least.

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