Saturday, September 7, 2013

#MERS Death of a Sudanese doctor "Corona" in the city & examination of 45 his colleagues

Translations are tough.  Below, "hospital Hinakiyah" is Al-Hasso  Hospital in Hinakiyah, Saudi Arabia. It is in Mekkah Province

September 7, 2013

physician Sudanese died at the age of 67 years yesterday evening Pfyrus wounds 'Corona'. And the transfer of a doctor from the hospital Hinakiyah which works out to the intensive care unit in a hospital in a Medina, reported the initial diagnosis to him that he suffers from a syndrome acute respiratory, and his ill during his intensive care, until he died recently, and found that the causes of death due to his infection Vairose pneumonia (Corona) in addition to suffering from diabetes. while subjected «Health City» 45 doctors from his colleagues work to analyzes doctor, which confirmed the safety of all of «virus». mention that the doctor Sudanese longer injury the second record in the city area Medina, as previously announced by the Ministry of Health injury resident Balvyrus. The bedroom was evacuated at King Fahd Hospital in the city. 

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