Saturday, September 7, 2013

#MERS Turkey Suspected Case Died and 3 Others Transferred to Riyadh KSA

September 7, 2013

in Turkey Adel Merdad for the death of lady a Saudi in the mid-Age in a hospital in Trabzon suspected of in the being infected with infected with Coruna. 
He said in a a statement to the source if There are five cases of was hit by illnesses and entered the the hospital, among them diseased heart-was the work of organizer her and I came out, as has been transfer of three other cases eviction medical to the Kingdom of, in addition to case of death. 
He explained that the four cases and اجهتهن the problems of in communicating with the crew medical the existing in the hospital by virtue of they do not speak English or Turkish, as that the crew hospital does not speaks Arabic or English, what called on the embassy to intervene ; as it sent a the President of the Consular Section and one of the Compilers assets in the embassy to the Trabzon and do the process of On-line translator and other of procedures that helped them to communicate. 
He explained that the case of the death was the for a lady in the mid-Age and was accompanied by her son and daughter did not writes of God her healing to ill-and their health status, and has the embassy the transfer of her body to Istanbul at the, and provided the embassy to her two children is the duty of solace, and revealed to are two the state it which was in and their mother and an understanding of all the details. Has also been their help in travel procedures have been book with are two It is and then they went to the Riyadh. 
and between the that the there is a state she was suffering sicker in the heart and put her organizer for heartbeat and exited from the hospital. 
and between the Merdad that the there is a suspicion in a disease Coruna did not be confirmed, pointing to the interesting and Ministry of Health Turkish SUBJECT after the continues to the embassy with her. 
He explained that the responsible Turkey a high-level in the and Ministry of Health expressed a keen interest in Situations, and spoke to the Hospital Trabzon manner directly and they sent a team medically take samples for cases of, pointing out that the sources with the Ministry Turkish Health tipped of suspicion in the incidence of Pkorona. 
and Aban that the nature of the city high from the surface of the sea b 1350 meters affect on the health of of human rights, negatively a private of animate the of vulnerable structure. 
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