Saturday, September 7, 2013

death of a citizen in Turkey and a doctor in Medina because of the #Coronavirus

[This is put here for future reference.  I'll look into it.  Speculation only]
40 minutes ago 10:31 AM 
detecting the Saudi ambassador in Turkey just Mirdad for the death of Saudi woman in the fourth decade of life, while receiving treatment at a hospital there, pointing to the suspicion that the cause of death being infected with HIV, "Corona." explained Mirdad that the deceased was receiving treatment in Hospital "Trabzon" in Turkey, and a team from the Ministry of Health Turkish He took samples from the case, and most likely infected with HIV Corona, pointing out that the embassy ended Procedures transport her body to Riyadh, according to "The Middle." In the same context, died doctor Arabic yesterday evening after تنويمه Hospital in a Medina, on suspicion of wound infection, "Corona", according to the "city", while not issued a statement from the Ministry of Health to clarify the circumstances around his death. , and the hospital had had to take all preventive measures, as well as to conduct tests for a family doctor and contacts him to make sure no contracting the virus.

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